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  Show Notes: Armando is the pride and joy of the Lufkin running community. He started running in his late 30s and quickly made progress. This past Ja...View Details

Leah Brasher is a repeat guest. She was on my podcast last year, along with three other ultrarunners. I asked her to be back on the show because she’s...View Details

David Chavana started running in the 1970s after he watched Frank Shorter almost win the 1976 Olympic marathon. Running became a big part of his life ...View Details

This week’s episode is a conversation I had a few days ago with Shawanna White. Shawanna is known on Instagram as @peachrunner26.2. She’s originally f...View Details

It’s been a wild and crazy year so far. I know there is so much to be done in our world. But where to start? Today, I want to start with love. I want ...View Details

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